The general impression that people have about palm oil is that deforestation is being done on a large scale. This is partly true, but the emphasis is too much and too often placed on it. This while there are several companies that produce palm oil in a responsible manner. These companies mainly focus on a responsible way, such as protecting the forests. By purchasing palm oil from these companies, you are helping to protect the environment. This article looks at how you as a consumer can play an important role in ensuring that palm oil is produced in an environmentally friendly way.

Certified sustainable palm oil products

Sustainable palm oil is what it is all about these days. As stated earlier, customers play an important role in ensuring that palm oil production takes place in a responsible manner. How you as a customer can do this is by only buying palm oil products that are made in a certified and sustainable way. If more people choose to pay attention to this, companies will also be more inclined to use palm oil that has been produced in an environmentally responsible manner in their end products. Together we work towards an environmentally friendly society.

Support sustainable palm oil projects

Besides buying items made from sustainable palm oil, there is much more you can do as a consumer to steer towards an environmentally friendly society. For example, you can choose to support projects that are concerned with making practices within the palm oil sector more sustainable. To produce palm oil in a sustainable way, small farmers need knowledge and resources. Considering that most palm oil is grown by small farmers, it is good that they are supported in this. Support especially companies that are high on the list on the WWF scorecard regarding sustainable palm oil projects.

How is it produced in a sustainable way?

Because palm oil can produce the most oil per hectare than all vegetable oil, its production can be done in an environmentally friendly way. The proof comes in the fact that on a piece of land where palm oil is produced, it produces 6 to 10 times more oil than any other crop. Oil palms contribute 35{3b2464f747134f4e393ce19fba2da24cbb76e62f7dd5db53c315e274aac52e48} of all vegetable oils in the world. In contrast, only 10{3b2464f747134f4e393ce19fba2da24cbb76e62f7dd5db53c315e274aac52e48} of the Earth’s surface is used to do this. It is therefore possible to produce palm oil in a sustainable way.