Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Vintage

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Are you a fun of vintage furniture? There are a lot of vintage designs that have been making a resurgence which goes to show the demand that vintage furniture has. However, there is a slight problem. Buying vintage furniture is not as simple as most people would guess. It is not about buying the oldest and most rugged item you can get.  There is a lot that you want to buy and there is a lot that you have to consider.  So getting confused among all this would be expected. Unfortunately, not many people fore-see this and hence they end up getting caught in between. But I can give you some help with that.

First you need to have a list

Creating a list might not strike the best of memories but it will surely help you remember the most important things and what you should really consider. It is easy to go buying things that you did not even intend buy in the first place. Having a list will keep you in-check and make sure that you buy the most important things first. Vintage furniture can be quite infectious and hence forgetting what you wanted to buy is quite easy especially when you are faced with plenty of options. Without proper preparations, it is also just as easy for you to get overwhelmed and not buy anything at all.

Do your homework

This is more so important if you are looking for something in particular. It is a good idea to make sure that you look around to see the different prices and see how similar items have been sold in the past. Most sellers will want to cash in on the fact that you are buying a vintage piece and rip you off. Doing your homework will make sure that you do not enter the sale blind and that you do not have any problems. You have information on your side and this helps you to swing the odds in your favor. If the piece is way too expensive, you can also try to see if you can get any reproduction like in the case of Mid-century chairs.

Seek for an identifier


The best thing about designers from back in the day is they took pride in their creations. So much so that they were willing to put a marker on their creations which would tie it to them. This can be a great differentiator in the current times. While some of these designers might not even be known to you. These markers can be used to identify genuine vintage pieces. The last thing you want is cough up too much for something that is not even a good reproduction. You have to make sure that you have a great sight for the marker to make sure that you are negotiating for the right thing.



Do not just accept the price and dive into your wallet ready to pay for the product unless it is at a store. Otherwise, you should always try to get a lower price for a quality product. It might not always go as you planned but if you are able to save even a penny it is a win for you.

If you are great with your hands, you can also try broken down vintage furniture that will ensure that you have a great furniture at a throw away price but you have to be certain that you can repair it. Before proceeding with the purchase. Otherwise, if you are looking to get a sound and healthy piece, then this guide will definitely help you make the right choice.

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