Timeless Ice

For decades, hip hop jewelry has made a statement for millions of people.  That statement has remained rooted in our society, and thanks to its indefinite popularity, it isn’t going anywhere soon.  Hip hop bling has become timeless and integrated into the identities of every nation around the world.  Hip hop jewelry knows no boundaries.  That’s what sets it apart from everything else.

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Hip-hop style is classic, but never static.  Chains, pendants, grillz, rings, earrings, bracelets, and watches all make up the accessories to define hip hop lifestyle.  Unlike other styles, is all about representing yourself.  If you look at the most current famous rappers like Post Malone, 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi, you’ll see every rapper has their individual style.  All of them wear the best bling, but some are more iced out than others, with their custom made accessories. Some of the biggest bling kings are Drake and 21 Savage who rep the biggest boldest chainz and pendants and catch everyone’s eye.  Some have so many diamonds they might as well be a walking jewelry store.


The point to all the bling is to represent who you are, where you stand, and where you came from.  Rappers have the opportunities to celebrate their achievements through bling.  The bigger, the brighter, the better in their eyes.  They dominate the charts and dominate the best-dressed rankings with their different stylez, inspiring different designs.  For instance, Quavo’s $250,000 self-designed ratatouille chain is a unique show-stopper that represents how he wants the world to see him.  Mike Jones, T-Pain, Pharrell, Lil Jon, and Jay-Z also tend to wear some of the more iced out bling that money can buy.  Every piece serves a meaning or tells its own story.


There are so many different styles out there, and each one is unique to each person.  Take your inspiration from the top rappers and put your own spin on it, or start your own bold look.  As you make more money, celebrate it through your wardrobe.  It’s the loudest way to speak without words and really be heard.  Wear what you want because you can! That’s the beauty of the world we live in—the freedom to create your own swag.  It’s your own right-embrace it.


If you want to represent the hip hop look, design your own look with VVS Jewelry – the very best chainz, watches, earrings, bracelets, and grillz.  Design your own style while you rap to the world your story.  Maybe start with some classic chainz or an iced out watch; then build a bolder look with grillz and earrings.  You have the freedom to choose.  But no matter what you decide on, it’s going to stay in style.  Just like hip-hop, you too will be timeless.


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