Fitness Companies on Shark Tank

Lots of budding fitness companies have had a chance to present their business pitches at Shark Tank. However, only a few have successfully won these bids due to the cut-throat competition. Below are some of the best fitness companies to appear on Shark Tank.


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Young and Gregory began by giving an explanation of the basic functions of their fitness app, Sworkit. The app contains a number of choices where users can choose their type of workout (cardio, full-body, strength, and yoga) and the amount of time they are planning to spend on the exercise. Additionally, users can track their progress across several devices and also choose a music playlist to their workout.

You might be wondering, what sets the fitness app apart from others in the market? Well, you can compare Sworkit to Spotify. The app offers something for everyone, it does not matter what the user is looking for. If you came across a workout move that you don’t see interesting, you can skip the move, just as easy as skipping songs on a music playlist. The app provides a well-defined routine with variations that users can use at home, a factor that is invaluable.

SurfSet Fitness

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Hartwick and Ponn were seeking a $150k investment for a 10% share of their business, SurfSet Fitness. After Pro surfer Lakey’s demonstration of the RipSurferX, Robert was amazed and tried out the board. Mark also loved the idea and offered $300k for 33% share of the company.

Before teaming up to bring the conditioning and weight loss benefits of surfing with the RipSurferX, Hartwick was a professional hockey player and Ponn worked as a nutrition and fitness expert. The RipSurferX is an exercise equipment that resembles a surf-board and makes users feel the conditioning benefits of surfing. SurfSet Fitness also offers certification to fitness instructors who teach group fitness classes with surfing as the conditioning.

Immediately after the presentation, the SurfSet Fitness team went on a nationwide tour to introduce the product and certify trainers. They partnered with some big-time companies including Garnier Fructis and UnderArmour. Currently, SurfSet Fitness boasts 29 cities around the country.

Cowboy’s Gym

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This is one of those success stories with more twists and turns than the movie John Wayne. Six weeks after airing his business, Rayan Ehmann’s business, Cowboy’s Gym, made a cool $80,000. However, things started going downside after his sales started falling off, leaving him with the burden of paying his bills.

Luckily, shark Daymond swooped in at the right time to get Ryan back on track. Now, Ryan is back with two locations of his Cowboy’s Gym.  Also, the “Lose 12 inches in 12 Workouts” has been reviewed as the hottest 28-minute exercise program on the market.


To win the sharks’ interest, these fitness companies have proven that they bring in something new to the industry that sets them apart from other firms. As such, you may want to make use of their products and services if you are a fitness guru, or want to become fit.

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