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A living room basically tells all about a home with a simple glance. The manner in which you arrange your living room will either portray a welcoming message or vice versa. Unlike the other rooms in any given home, the living room is commonly used as a social space where one can receive his or her visitors at any time. For this reason and many others, the living room is the one place that neatness should be observed at all times.

A neat living room entails organization and proper spacing of furniture. Apart from routine cleaning, every living room should have proper spacing to ensure that guests and the host have enough space while entering a home. Experts are of the opinion that living room sofas should be placed up close in a manner that facilitates easy conversation when seated in the room.

Every room has a focal point or rather a strategic place that determines the positioning of furniture. A window set and a fire place are some of the examples that are used to determine the location of furniture. In most living rooms, sofas are placed in a uniform position and in the same direction. The television set in this case is mostly used as the focal point of the room and is used to determine the manner in which the sofas are arranged.

Useful Tips;

  • A properly arranged living room should have a flexibility trait in the sense that the pieces of furniture are spaced in a manner that can easily be moved or redesigned if need be.
  • All the pieces of furniture in a living room must face the same direction and placed across the focal point.
  • Spacing makes the living room look more beautiful and should be considered whenever furniture arrangement takes place. A neat living room allows one to pass through it without necessarily stumbling on other objects.
  • Experts still find the traditional symmetry arrangement of furniture as the most convenient and neat. In this type of arrangement, two sofas sit across each other with a third one directly opposite the focal point of the room (television set).
  • A common mistake that one ought to avoid at all cost is pushing the pieces of furniture close to the wall or a certain corner of the living room. Most people do this unknowingly, with good a intention of creating more space at the central place and then end up making the living room to look empty.

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