Most motorcycles are produced in Japan. That is quite some distance from the Netherlands. Have you found the perfect model, but all the way in Japan? Then you can use motorcycle importers. These importers take care of the entire process from shipment to delivery of your motorcycle at home. Curious about how the motorcycle importers get started and how you get the perfect motorcycle in your possession? Then read on quickly!

Secure shipping is crucial

If the motorcycle of your dreams has to come from the other side of the world, safety is extremely important. Of course you don’t want your motorcycle delivered to your house full of scratches and other damage. That is why a good importer will make every effort to ensure that the transport is as safe as possible. Motorcycles are usually transported in a container in several numbers. The best security is provided by placing the motors in wooden crates. Not every motorcycle importer does this, so make sure you are well aware of the safety that your chosen importer can offer.

Motorcycles are a lot smaller than cars and can therefore sometimes be placed in a container with other products. If you have any doubts about the safety of this, make sure you do business with a motorcycle importer who has direct contact with the carriers. They can then ensure that your motorcycle will not be grouped with other means of transport to limit possible damage.

What role do you play in importing your motorcycle?

Good preparation is half the job. That is why it is important that you have all your documentation in order before your motorcycle is shipped. To prevent you from being faced with unwanted surprises, there are a number of documents that you must have. The documents are a good means to check whether your chosen motorcycle importer is legal: if a motorcycle importer cannot provide these documents, you can assume that the business is unreliable.

First of all, make sure that you can obtain an official purchase document from your motorcycle importer. This document must include the delivery address and other important information from you. The details of the motorcycle importer must also be reflected in this. In addition, you should be provided with a list of all included parts, including spare parts that may be included. In addition, you must have the official registration of your motorcycle, to be sure that the motorcycle importer is a recognized one.