With so much thought and effort going into the waiting room of any large business, the use of a fish tank in the office can have many huge benefits. For many years, doctors and dentists have used the benefits of watching fish swimming to lower the blood pressure and heart rate of their nervous patients.

Not only do fish help with relaxation, but a nicely chosen fish tank can actually be a wonderful piece of office furniture.
But choosing the right aquarium is not as simple as just popping into your local pet store or fish shop and choosing the first thing that takes your fancy. The staff at Expert Aquariumsshould really be your first stop when it comes to advice and product choice.

There are so many more things to consider for instance than just the shape or the look of the tank. If you decide to purchase a table style tank, which can look fantastic, and become a real focal point for your waiting room, then consideration needs to be given to how you will get the electrical cables into the middle of the room.

Another consideration would be will the glass be strong enough to withstand a toddler tantrum in full effect? Fish don’t react well to the glass of their aquarium being broken, and neither would your carpet soft furnishings.

Then, of course, there is the question of fish type. While the thought of having Nemo swimming around in your waiting room may sound very appealing, marine fish can be very difficult to look after, and perhaps your aspirations may need to be tempered a little.

In much the same way that a dog is for life, you need to think long and hard about your fish tank of choice. Once you know your requirements, then you can have a proper discussion and get some guidance from the professionals over at Expert Aquariums.

The staff at Expert Aquariums are really passionate about their subject. They want the best for their customer, as well as the fish. They will ask you a few questions, raising things that you may never even have considered, before steering you down the correct path.

In this designer’s humble opinion, I don’t think there is any piece of office furnishing available that can enhance a waiting room or office space the way a properly chosen and maintained fish can tank.

You are giving your clients the chance to watch and embrace nature and I also firmly believe your staff will benefit from a nicer working atmosphere. That being said there is some maintenance and ongoing costs that you need to factor into the equation.

Take your time, consult the right people, and actually listen to their advice before making the decision. But from my personal experience, I would say that a fish tank in your waiting room, could prove to be one of the best investments you will ever make in your business.