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    Timeless Ice

    For decades, hip hop jewelry has made a statement for millions of people.  That statement has remained rooted in our society, and thanks to its indefinite popularity, it isn’t going anywhere soon.  Hip hop bling has become timeless and integrated into the identities of every nation around the world.  Hip hop jewelry knows no boundaries.  That’s what sets it apart from everything else.

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    Hip-hop style is classic, but never static.  Chains, pendants, grillz, rings, earrings, bracelets, and watches all make up the accessories to define hip hop lifestyle.  Unlike other styles, is all about representing yourself.  If you look at the most current famous rappers like Post Malone, 21 Savage, and Lil Uzi, you’ll see every rapper has their individual style.  All of them wear the best bling, but some are more iced out than others, with their custom made accessories. Some of the biggest bling kings are Drake and 21 Savage who rep the biggest boldest chainz and pendants and catch everyone’s eye.  Some have so many diamonds they might as well be a walking jewelry store.


    The point to all the bling is to represent who you are, where you stand, and where you came from.  Rappers have the opportunities to celebrate their achievements through bling.  The bigger, the brighter, the better in their eyes.  They dominate the charts and dominate the best-dressed rankings with their different stylez, inspiring different designs.  For instance, Quavo’s $250,000 self-designed ratatouille chain is a unique show-stopper that represents how he wants the world to see him.  Mike Jones, T-Pain, Pharrell, Lil Jon, and Jay-Z also tend to wear some of the more iced out bling that money can buy.  Every piece serves a meaning or tells its own story.


    There are so many different styles out there, and each one is unique to each person.  Take your inspiration from the top rappers and put your own spin on it, or start your own bold look.  As you make more money, celebrate it through your wardrobe.  It’s the loudest way to speak without words and really be heard.  Wear what you want because you can! That’s the beauty of the world we live in—the freedom to create your own swag.  It’s your own right-embrace it.


    If you want to represent the hip hop look, design your own look with VVS Jewelry – the very best chainz, watches, earrings, bracelets, and grillz.  Design your own style while you rap to the world your story.  Maybe start with some classic chainz or an iced out watch; then build a bolder look with grillz and earrings.  You have the freedom to choose.  But no matter what you decide on, it’s going to stay in style.  Just like hip-hop, you too will be timeless.


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    We love Black Friday here at MVS Algeria and given that Black Friday is nearly upon us, we wanted to take a quick moment to help you, our dear readers, make the most out of Black Friday shopping.

    If you want to make the most of this upcoming Black Friday you really need to start doing your prep work. While the majority of retailers have sales it would be smart to focus on big box stores that will have adequate inventory or you could end up frustrated. The smaller retailers may have a great sale but only have a few promotional items for sale which can lead to massive headaches for you.  When it comes to big box stores the top choice is Walmart, there are other chains butWalmart is the epitome of what a big box store should be.


    Each individual Walmart has their own promotions to entice shoppers but one of the most common items that are available on Black Friday is computers. Consumers who need a new desktop or laptop computer should hold off making a purchase until the Walmart Black Fridaysales come out. These computers will be sold at huge discounts but it would be smart to look at the specifications, how much RAM does the computer come with? Can it be upgraded and does the unit come with a warranty? These are key questions that should be addressed prior to making any actual purchases. While Walmart does have the lowest prices in the market it does lack in some key areas like customer service. If a consumer does purchase a computer or any other electronic device, they may be asked to sign up for an extended warranty. These warranties may sound like a great idea but the consumer would need to ship their computer to a depot for service. Instead what the consumer needs to do is find a local company that can repair their computer if something happens. These local experts charge less than what it would cost for the extended warranty and most of them can solve the issue very fast. After you have found the perfect computer you will need to start looking for furniture. One of the most common mistakes consumers make is buying a computer without having a comfortable area to work on it. Walmart does sell furniture however if an individual is looking for something that will last long term then they should deal with companies that offer high quality furniture at affordable prices, like these folks.


    There are some people who treat Black Friday like it is a life or death competition. This is why we have stampedes when the “doors open”. Individuals who want to capitalize on the upcoming Walmart Black Friday sales should consider shopping over the Internet. Walmart does have some really good online deals and in some cases offer free shipping so you will never have to leave your home and deal with the crowds.

    Now that you know how to make the most of the upcoming Black Friday sales at Walmart you really should start doing your research now or you could be missing out on some amazing bargains!

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    Are you a fun of vintage furniture? There are a lot of vintage designs that have been making a resurgence which goes to show the demand that vintage furniture has. However, there is a slight problem. Buying vintage furniture is not as simple as most people would guess. It is not about buying the oldest and most rugged item you can get.  There is a lot that you want to buy and there is a lot that you have to consider.  So getting confused among all this would be expected. Unfortunately, not many people fore-see this and hence they end up getting caught in between. But I can give you some help with that.

    First you need to have a list

    Creating a list might not strike the best of memories but it will surely help you remember the most important things and what you should really consider. It is easy to go buying things that you did not even intend buy in the first place. Having a list will keep you in-check and make sure that you buy the most important things first. Vintage furniture can be quite infectious and hence forgetting what you wanted to buy is quite easy especially when you are faced with plenty of options. Without proper preparations, it is also just as easy for you to get overwhelmed and not buy anything at all.

    Do your homework

    This is more so important if you are looking for something in particular. It is a good idea to make sure that you look around to see the different prices and see how similar items have been sold in the past. Most sellers will want to cash in on the fact that you are buying a vintage piece and rip you off. Doing your homework will make sure that you do not enter the sale blind and that you do not have any problems. You have information on your side and this helps you to swing the odds in your favor. If the piece is way too expensive, you can also try to see if you can get any reproduction like in the case of Mid-century chairs.

    Seek for an identifier


    The best thing about designers from back in the day is they took pride in their creations. So much so that they were willing to put a marker on their creations which would tie it to them. This can be a great differentiator in the current times. While some of these designers might not even be known to you. These markers can be used to identify genuine vintage pieces. The last thing you want is cough up too much for something that is not even a good reproduction. You have to make sure that you have a great sight for the marker to make sure that you are negotiating for the right thing.



    Do not just accept the price and dive into your wallet ready to pay for the product unless it is at a store. Otherwise, you should always try to get a lower price for a quality product. It might not always go as you planned but if you are able to save even a penny it is a win for you.

    If you are great with your hands, you can also try broken down vintage furniture that will ensure that you have a great furniture at a throw away price but you have to be certain that you can repair it. Before proceeding with the purchase. Otherwise, if you are looking to get a sound and healthy piece, then this guide will definitely help you make the right choice.

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    Do you happen to be good at DIYs and hope to do more than just the occasional roof repair, cabinet making and installation of your baby’s crib? There is a lot more you can put your skill into and for much more money than the charity work you get done around your home. Most DIYers never really know the value of their skill but this is only the case because they do not have the information necessary to help them monetize their skills and finally allow them to make a killing. Most DIYers are great with wood but not all wood makes you money. Enter Woodprofits by Jim Morgan.

    You have to know the science behind wood and the kind that is worth the big bucks. This is what the Wood Profits Program seeks to offer most people that would like to start making tons of money from wood works at the comfort of their homes.

    Understanding wood and woodworking

    The first step is usually being able to hone your skill and improving your craftsmanship. Once that has been done, you have to move on and now understand your materials. If you’re going to make money from woodworking, you not only need to know how to make things but know the kinds of wood that are most profitable as well as other how to handle the grain of the wood for the best possible results. Keep in mind that as every piece of furniture you make is unique, so is every kind of wood. Your home woodworking business is going to be largely dependent on this hence you have to make sure that you have everything right. Know the qualities, strength and weaknesses of each kind of wood and above all, know which is best to apply where.

    What the program has to offer


    Luckily, the wood profits program has a segment that covers the most profitable type of wood and more importantly the types that you should stock in order to maximize on your profits. That is one of the most vital tips that the program could cover but that does not mark the end. There is a lot more that one get from the program.

    Don’t have the capital to spend on heavy machinery to make your furniture at home? Worry not, the program also covers ways that you can use to start your business with just $50. Other woodworking tips that you can get from the wood profits program include how to get your pricing right, numerous blueprints that you could use for different projects as well as how to get your customers. After all, your business will heavily rely on your ability to sell.


    There are quite a number of benefits that the woodprofits program has to offer and why you ought to consider getting yourself a copy if you would the home woodworking business to prosper.

    The program is ideal for people with both minimal skills and professional skills and offer solid and comprehensive information to ensure maximum success. Of course, having a low start-up cost is definitely a great addition given how tight money is becoming and the best thing is that you can turn this venture into your part-time job so you do not end up drying on cash.


    The only downside that the program seems to have is the fact that it does not support newbies or those that do not have any skills in woodworking. It is also tailor-made for those that are serious about following a business in woodworking.

    If you’re looking to use your DIY skills and pair them with some real information that will turn you into a money making machine, the wood profits program is definitely something that you should think about.

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    Fitness Companies on Shark Tank

    Lots of budding fitness companies have had a chance to present their business pitches at Shark Tank. However, only a few have successfully won these bids due to the cut-throat competition. Below are some of the best fitness companies to appear on Shark Tank.


    Image result for sworkit shark tank

    Young and Gregory began by giving an explanation of the basic functions of their fitness app, Sworkit. The app contains a number of choices where users can choose their type of workout (cardio, full-body, strength, and yoga) and the amount of time they are planning to spend on the exercise. Additionally, users can track their progress across several devices and also choose a music playlist to their workout.

    You might be wondering, what sets the fitness app apart from others in the market? Well, you can compare Sworkit to Spotify. The app offers something for everyone, it does not matter what the user is looking for. If you came across a workout move that you don’t see interesting, you can skip the move, just as easy as skipping songs on a music playlist. The app provides a well-defined routine with variations that users can use at home, a factor that is invaluable.

    SurfSet Fitness

    Image result for SurfSet Fitness shark tank

    Hartwick and Ponn were seeking a $150k investment for a 10% share of their business, SurfSet Fitness. After Pro surfer Lakey’s demonstration of the RipSurferX, Robert was amazed and tried out the board. Mark also loved the idea and offered $300k for 33% share of the company.

    Before teaming up to bring the conditioning and weight loss benefits of surfing with the RipSurferX, Hartwick was a professional hockey player and Ponn worked as a nutrition and fitness expert. The RipSurferX is an exercise equipment that resembles a surf-board and makes users feel the conditioning benefits of surfing. SurfSet Fitness also offers certification to fitness instructors who teach group fitness classes with surfing as the conditioning.

    Immediately after the presentation, the SurfSet Fitness team went on a nationwide tour to introduce the product and certify trainers. They partnered with some big-time companies including Garnier Fructis and UnderArmour. Currently, SurfSet Fitness boasts 29 cities around the country.

    Cowboy’s Gym

    Image result for Cowboy ryan shark tank

    This is one of those success stories with more twists and turns than the movie John Wayne. Six weeks after airing his business, Rayan Ehmann’s business, Cowboy’s Gym, made a cool $80,000. However, things started going downside after his sales started falling off, leaving him with the burden of paying his bills.

    Luckily, shark Daymond swooped in at the right time to get Ryan back on track. Now, Ryan is back with two locations of his Cowboy’s Gym.  Also, the “Lose 12 inches in 12 Workouts” has been reviewed as the hottest 28-minute exercise program on the market.


    To win the sharks’ interest, these fitness companies have proven that they bring in something new to the industry that sets them apart from other firms. As such, you may want to make use of their products and services if you are a fitness guru, or want to become fit.