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Before redesigning your home, its important to first start with high quality furniture. It’s like making a 5 star dish – you need to first start with the best available ingredients.

Many a times, shoppers tend to concentrate on the price of a commodity and forget all about the quality. Although it’s wise to shop on a budget, poor quality goods may end up costing the buyer more than he or she could have spent in the first place.

Furniture shopping also operates under the same theory that cheap is actually expensive. In order to get a long lasting piece of furniture, one has to go for quality and not fix his or her mind on getting something cheap or easily affordable. Most shoppers forget the fact that piece of furniture is actually meant to serve you for a long time, unlike most equipment that can easily be replaced when they get damaged. On the other hand, buying an expensive piece of furniture does not necessarily guarantee that you will the best furniture out there. Other factors such as style and certain qualities in a given piece of furniture also have to be considered.

Getting a piece of furniture that will light up your home needs commitment and time to shop for the right one. It’s also difficult to predict whether a piece of furniture is long-lasting by looking at it.

Composition of Wooden Furniture

Wooden surfaces are either made of hardwood or softwood. Having the relevant knowledge on the composition of the furniture actually prevents you from making a mistake when buying one. Contrary to the common misinterpretation that hardwood furniture has a hard surface, most of them are actually soft can easily be dented. When buying a piece of furniture, you can be able to tell the quality of the wood by simply drawing a line using your fingernail without necessarily causing damage. Materials that will display a visible line are not of good quality, therefore will serve you for a long time as intended.

Structurally, you check out if plywood used in making the furniture has unexposed knots. The more knots you find on a piece of furniture, the less durable that material is. Quality wooden furniture that is found at a relatively lower price is mostly covered with veneers. This is used to cover pieces of furniture made of low-quality wood. This actually improves the general strength and durability of the furniture but only limits its refinishing.

Construction of Wooden Furniture


According to experts, joint construction best determines the quality of a given piece of furniture. Any piece of furniture that has been held together by the use of nails or staples is of a very poor quality and cannot stand the test of time when it comes to serving you. You are advised to look out for furniture pieces that either have mortise and tenon or dovetail joints.

Proportionality of the piece of furniture should be a priority right from the start. Inspect the piece of furniture to ensure to ensure all its legs are able to touch the ground. This is normally an indication that the furniture you are about to purchase is of high quality.

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