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The Rules of Steam Punk Fashion

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You would think, given that steampunk events embrace creativity and a little bit of craziness, there is nothing that governs the dress code or the sense of fashion. But, you could be wrong to think that. Even with all the creativity, you will notice that there is a lot of similarity that goes into the dressing. This is because, there are certain rules that govern the steampunk culture and more particularly the mode of dressing.

It is a real-world reproduction

Just because the costumes and accessories look like they are out of this world does not mean they are. The costumes that you will usually see at events are actual costumes that are referenced in the steampunk literature. Some people might get a little excited and derail slightly but the characters are usually inspired by past and historical steampunk literature.

Victorian is a failsafe

There are many other cultures that you can use for inspiration. But when your creativity fails you and you’re not sure of what you would like to wear, this rule will come in handy. Dress Victorian then accessorize and add a couple of things. Steam technology was first fully taken advantage of by the Victorians. It affected their everyday life and it is one of the reasons why the current trend is largely influenced by it. Also, if you have concerns about your costume being to Victorian, then, there is a good chance that you have done everything right.

Steampunk is about delight, entertainment and engagement

There is a reason why there is a lot of effort that goes into coming up with the perfect outfit when it comes to steampunk. The goal of the trend is to have an outfit that engages the viewer, is a delight to the senses and above all, entertains the wearer. If you’re not happy about your costume, then something is wrong. Do not be worried about taking away the style from your outfit because it is going to make it less steampunk-ish. More importantly, you should not second guess or be coerced into throwing status symbols just to fit in. If something does not work with an outfit, you can leave it out.

Steampunk does not have a color

While there are some colors that are preferred when dressing up for steampunk, there is no writing on the wall on what colors are best for steampunk. It I has been constantly claimed that only brown, or white or dark or neutral colors are ideal for steampunk but this is largely misguided. Almost any color can be used. There is a justification for almost every color that you might think of wearing. It is perfectly reasonable to have vibrant colors in steampunk because it is set in a world of comparatively advanced technology.

It is okay to like other Genres

Steampunk is not about fanaticism. It is okay to like other styles that don’t fit into it like Pulp adventure, Medieval or even the Mod 60s. Be proud of it. You shouldn’t feel compelled to fit it under steampunk. Just like steampunk, people have worked hard to create these other genres and they are just as fun. It is perfectly fine to have different interests.

These are the five rules that govern steampunk fashion. If you’re new to it, you have probably heard plenty of different things but these rules should clear everything for you.