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The Basic Elements of the Perfect Living Room

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The living room is the one part of your home that gives you the chance of making a statement. While you might want to all out buying the largest sofas and the biggest entertainment systems, there are a couple of rules that you should be well aware of that contribute to creating the perfect living room. Anytime you have guests over, there is a fair chance that they will spend most of their time in the living room. It needs to be a place that exudes comfort in equal measures as a welcome feeling. Here are some guidelines that will help you achieve

The seating arrangement should encourage conversation and spark stories

Your living room should feel like the heart of the space. Where people sit have a chat, get to know each other and feel free to express themselves. The sitting arrangement that you opt for should make it clear that the people in the room are more important than the things. The setting should make your guests feel chattier and more likely to open up. It sounds like an almost impossible fete to achieve but, it’s not.

One way to go about this is to arrange the seating around the people and not around the TV. Make people the center of the arrangement instead of an entertainment system or a large piece of art. Try to place the seats close together to make it easier to talk and above all, if you have a music system, have it at a good volume, so people don’t have to shout to be heard.

Should have a perfect mix of art and a healthy dose of negative space

This is where most people tend to go wrong. While art is a great way to add some style to the room, having too much of it makes the room feel busy, and your guests will constantly be bombarded by different place to look at. You should also have ample amounts of negative space. Where people in the room can rest their eyes. This way, you have enough pieces to complement the style of the room but, not too much that it makes the guests feel like they are being swallowed by an ‘artistic black hole.’

Negative space also allows the viewer to appreciate the art pieces more. They have time looking at one piece, so they enjoy the details instead of rushing to the next piece on the wall.

Should not have unnecessary furniture

This one is going to hurt a lot! Over the years, there are pieces of furniture that you don’t like, but you have never had the guts to trade them or sell them to get something better fitting. The truth is, they way down the feel and look of your living room. A good living room should have functional pieces even if that means that the function is something you love. But, ideally, it should be more than that. Also, having worthless pieces takes up more space.

Ultimately, the perfect living room should tell a story of your growth and also grow with you. One should be able to say the stage you’re in life by looking at your living room. It should be a great place for not only you to relax but for your guests to feel welcome, comfortable and free. These core elements should help you come up with such a room.