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Metal Furniture. What Is It?!

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This week, MVS Algeria brings to you a fine piece on metal furniture. Let us know what you think by commenting below!

A century or more ago people became outbackers or homesteaders – those brave souls who conquered unknown Metal1lands. These people lived remotely and their furniture was necessary objects, often rudimentary and utilitarian. If they were lucky, the furniture from their old life that could be packed on their wagons survived the journey but most of the time, the flimsy colonial chair legs broke over the first bump and then were used as firewood.


As time marched on and lands were settled, people moved closer together for both safety and social interaction: an isolated life doesn’t sit well with most human beings. Over time those functional furniture pieces took on a more aesthetic value with wood- and metal smiths becoming interior decorators.

Traditional furniture materials have also evolved from being predominantly wood, to a mixture of wood, metal and even leather. The contemporary and minimalist décor movements favour metal for a clean and maintenance free material for furniture. This can be seen in a variety of innovative designs, such as the Eames lounge chair.

Custom Metal Furniture: Functional and Aesthetically Pleasing

Recycled wood is being used to soften metal furniture, blending the old and new.


Polished aluminium and stainless steel features have found their own niche in our homes, whether by the hand of a well-known interior designer, our own hunted-down treasure, or reclaimed and lovingly restored flea-market find.

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We have seen more homes and apartments being converted or purpose-built with a heavy industrial look – polished concrete floors and exposed brick walls. Custom metal furniture lends itself perfectly to this trend.


When we think of “custom metal furniture”, we tend to think of pieces in our dining room or lounge. But with the industrial look for our homes, kitchens are exposed and have become part of our entertainment areas, no longer hidden away in a corner of the house. Kitchen cabinets contribute to the overall décor of the home.


Custom Metal Interior Railings: A fresh new look for your home

Custom interior metal railings come in a variety of shapes and sizes and a good metal smith will work with your interior designer and architect to create the perfect addition to enhance your décor. If you want to give your home a facelift, there is no better way than to overhaul your stairway or railing.


Metal Stairways and Stringers: Functional and Clean

The industrial look is carried over to metal staircases and stringers. In the past, these necessities were eyesores which had to be décored away – no longer.

A steel stringer is the supporting structure for your staircase and comes in single or double support. The stringer should be made to fit in with the overall look of your railings and type of step on your staircase.


Whatever direction your home décor takes you, make sure you receive the best craftsmanship and service you can afford.